In the area of Ermelo there are numerous facilities for lodging, and eating. But to make sure that you don't need to search we will organize each day breakfast and buffet in the evening at the venue. Please make sure that you inform us when you want to join us!

You can sleep on the venue if you wish

There are 3 dormitories (12 beds each) at the venue with combined toilets/showers

Or you can camp at the venue. 

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You can eat on the venue if you wish

Each day we will organize breakfast in the morning (also very early) and a buffet in the evening (also for vegetarians)

Please let us know if you want to join us, you can fill out the form for this.

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You can sleep and eat in the Area

If you are looking for a hotel, bed & breakfast, Home or campsite we have Some possibilities listed for you.

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